The Weekend Newds 9/7/07

  • Napa Nudes: A group of Napa Valley farmers have posed for a nude calendar to raise money in an effort to protect the Valley's agricultural resources.
  • Bum Rap: Four men from Calgary have been arrested and charged with indecent exhibition in a public place for streaking during a football match.
  • Keep Your Shirt On: North Carolina high schools have banned body and face painting from football games.
  • Bums for Bush: 50 activists lined up to moon the American President during his visit to Queensland for the APEC Summit. There was also a 21 bum salute.
  • Nipplegate: Lactivists are protesting the policy on Facebook which prohibits photos containing an "exposed breast".
    It's not clear what constitutes an "exposed breast", which has the lactivists baffled.

    Facebook did not respond to emails requesting further clarification but several group members have reported that their images were removed despite the fact they contained no nipple.

    "Where does the feeding stop and the boob begin?? A peek of nipple?," one lactivist wrote.
  • Naked Night: The audience at Chicago's Bailiwick Theatre is invited to strip down for tonight's performance of "Barenaked Lads". Many nudists are expected to attend. Bring a towel and some flip-flops, and a gym bag for your clothes.
  • It's the Penis, Stupid: A Virginia community is up in arms over a neighbor's decision to display a small version of Michelangelo's "David" on her front lawn.
  • In the Lion's Den: Daniel Radcliffe will bring his naked performance in "Equus" to Broadway next year.
    "I would be very nervous because I think that (the audiences are) even more discerning than in London," he said. "But I know we have a good show, it was a good show when we did it in London and hopefully if we do it again it will still be that good. It has to be better."
  • No Sex Perverts: Organizers of this weekend's reed dance by Zulu Maidens in Nongoma are imposing strict guidelines to prevent unauthorized photography of the topfree event.
    "It has come to the attention of the organisers that this event has also been targeted by sex perverts masquerading as media personnel only to use the images for their nefarious purposes."
  • Ramble On: Stephen Gough, "The Naked Rambler", has picked up his 11th conviction for disturbing the peace, and will spend 83 days in jail.
  • Going Commando: A whopping 86% of Australians polled say that they are comfortable walking around their own pad in the nude.
  • Spy Hard: It has been revealed that a Norwegian spy used a Naturist magazine to pass secrets to the Nazis in World War II.
  • I Am a Camera: Photographer Guido Karp has an exhibition of nude photos taken with cell phone cameras.
  • Nudie Newbies: A journalist and her sister bare all to explore the world of nudism at Solair.
    We excuse ourselves for a stroll in the woods, batting at bugs and pondering the whole scenario. Donna wraps her towel around her chest. I look at her strangely. "What?" she says. "I just feel like, you know, they've been out for so long. I just need to pull 'em back up for a bit."
  • Bare Truth: A group of Germans have produced a nude calendar in order to improve the image of their town, which is plagued by poverty, smugglers and Neo-Nazis.
    "Everyone is different — all are the same" is the slogan behind the campaign for a calendar that includes 28 pages of photos of the district's young people posing "totally nude and unstrained, while conscious of their natural environment and their social sphere".

    One of the calendar's organisers, Sebastian Blumreich, said that he had imagined it would be difficult to find people for the calendar.

    But it was "relatively easy", said Mr Blumreich, who himself posed for the calendar.