The Cat's Out of the Bag

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY The phone conversation between my wife and daughter today went something like this:

Mom: Your dad's out taking a bike ride. He really overdid it Saturday, riding 32 miles during the day, and then going swimming at night.

Daughter: Swimming?

Mom: Uh, yes, he goes swimming sometimes with some friends.

Daughter: What kind of friends? Do I know them?

Mom: Well, Dad told me that he didn't care if I told you, so I will just tell you. He goes skinny-dipping...they are naturists...nudists...

Daughter: Do you go, too?

Mom: No, I haven't gone.

Daughter: Why not? Sounds cool.

I haven't been actively hiding my naturism from my daughter. She's away at grad school so she's only home now and then, and the subject just hasn't come up. My wife almost told her a year ago but decided not to, for no particular reason. I've dropped hints - the 8x10 photo of a group of naturists from Texas pinned to the wall by my desk is not too subtle.

The really positive aspect of this turn of events is that my daughter actually encouraged my wife to go with me some time, and she's now about 90% sure she's going to take the plunge. Happy days.

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