The Daily Newds 4/10/08

  • The number of women under age 18 receiving breast implants has jumped 500% over the last decade. "There are girls and women who are devastated by the fact that they don't have breasts and their friends do," (plastic surgeon Dr.) Greenberg said. "They don't play gymnastics and they don't go on dates or they can't wear certain clothing, and I hear these things every day."[]
  • A writer reveals her disgust for the human body in declaring "Naked Gardening Day" a bad idea. []
  • 60 college students stripped down for an "Undie Run" and donated their clothes to charity. []
  • A new Ohio bill would target a "pack of perverts" who take any surreptitious photos of naked children. []
  • A prominent UK photographer with ties to Sir Paul McCartney has been put on the sex offenders registry for taking naked photos of an under-16 girl. []
  • "Puppetry of the Penis" is "genital origami". []
  • A "nude-in" demonstration is being planned for the Democratic National Convention in Denver. []
  • During the filming of "How to Look Good Naked" in the UK, participant Jenny Stockton stripped nude in front of hundreds of mall shoppers. []
  • First Lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy, who has a history of posing for nude photographs, enjoys a 90% approval rate. []
  • The first 2008 people who sign up to pose nude for Spencer Tunick in Austria will receive free rail travel to the May 11 event. [Yahoo! News]
  • Whatever happened to "parking"? Neighbors called police on a couple having sex in a van and blocked their escape with their own vehicles. []
  • The turnout for San Francisco's nude torch run was underwhelming. []
  • A woman in her 30's has no problem with being nude and simulating sex on screen, but is terrified of on stage nudity. []
  • "The Summer of Naked Swim Parties" is a new novel about a family of "free spirits" in the 70s. []
  • The Beltane Fire Festival is becoming more "family friendly" but they are keeping the red-painted naked dancers as part of the events. [Edinburgh Evening News]
  • Neighbors are complaining about all the "sexy noises" coming from Christina Aguilera's naked swims. [My Park Magazine]
  • The two young artists disqualified from winning the student art competition in Virginia are getting a lot of support and attention. Judges chose them as the winners, but the sponsoring newspaper disqualified the awards because the artworks depicted nudity. [,,]
  • Conservatives in South Carolina are seeking to enact a stripper law similar to the one passed recently in Ohio. []
  • Daniel Radcliffe is bringing his penis to Broadway. []
  • A 19 year-old Australian man has been fined $500 for streaking in front of thousands at a rugby match. [Port Macquarie]
  • A Vietnamese photographer finds that there is a movement of young girls seeking to have nude photos taken of themselves. [Vietnam Net]