The Daily Newds 4/14/08

  • Time Out New York magazine wants to feature everyday New Yorkers in "some state of nudity". []
  • Photos are now online showing all the nude actors onstage in the new German production of Verdi's "A Masked Ball". []
  • A writer ponders the American obsession with breasts.
    If we, as Americans, refocused the time, energy and brainpower we spend consumed with breasts, we probably could have this global warming crisis licked in five years - tops. If not, women well may be forced to go topless, because of the rising temperatures alone. [The Daily Toreador]
  • The New York Academy of Art is holding its 17th annual "Take Home a Nude" auction.
    Ms. (Eileen) Guggenheim, who came up with the event's name, said that it started in the early 1990s, when she realized the volume of gorgeous nude drawings and paintings that the talented MFA candidates were producing. "We thought, these are gorgeous and really salable," she said. "Naturally, we needed scholarship funds. We were a young school, so it seemed obvious at the time." [The New York Sun]
  • A doctor running hospitals in Cambodia has turned down the $91,000 he was offered from the sale of the Carla Bruni nude photo.
    "My decision was taken out of respect for our patients and their mothers," he said in an interview with the weekly Le Matin Dimanche. "Accepting money obtained from exploitation of the female body would be perceived as an insult." []
  • The Vancouver Board of Education has dictated that teachers cannot "expose students to nudity through activities such as skinny-dipping (and art!)."
    It has erroneously equated mere nudity with sexual abuse, instead of with body acceptance. The 35,000 members of the Federation of Canadian Naturists condemn this misguided strike at skinny-dippers' rights. []