The Daily Newds 4/16/08

  • The nudist flights in Germany are back on. []
  • Shane, a Utah artist, has a team of body painters due to the demand.
    "(Customers) are not bashful by any means," he said. "Most of the parties I've been to, guys and girls, most of wearing some sort of a bottom and most people just do topless." [The Utah Statesman]
  • Sexualizing the entire female body seems to be the goal of Dita Von Teese, who has now posed for a book on foot fetishes. []
  • Nearly half of Germans responded that they were embarrassed about the nude male genitals and buttocks of a new public sculpture. []
  • Easy Target Department: A 49 year-old woman has been arrested because she is accused of selling her body for sex out of her own home. []
  • The once taboo male penis is popping up on the big screen everywhere these days. []
  • A Florida strip club owner is fighting for his right to have live nude dancing.
    In the suit -- filed in the U.S. District Court in Orlando by Playtime of Brevard Inc., which does business as Playmates -- naked dancing on stage is described as "non-obscene . . . Plaintiff maintains that the nude human body is a thing of beauty which, when combined with music and rhythmic motion in the form of dance, conveys an important message of eroticism . . . Nudity is incorporated as a necessary and integral component of these dance performances. The nudity is not presented merely for its own sake." []
  • Streakers are wanted for a charitable nearly-nude run at Florida Atlantic University. []
  • PBS blurred out scenes with nude male buttocks in a new version of "A Room With a View'. []
  • Oregon citizens are rallying against a proposed strip club with plenty of fear and loathing, but no hard facts.
    A bar with nude dancing would be bad for business, bad for Carlton's reputation and, especially, bad for local children and adults, speakers said. It could mean an increase in drunken driving and other crimes, they said. It could threaten the safety of young people and make it uncomfortable and unwise for them to play in their own hometown. []
  • A student challenges a poll which found that 61% of all Northwestern students had partied naked. []
  • Prince William has been photographed with his pants down, at a party where he and his brother challenged some women to see how many CDs they could hang on their nipples.
    Harry, 23, cheered loudly as one girl managed an impressive eight CDs. []
  • The art museum director who chose the nude self-portrait of a 17 year-old girl as the winner of a Virginia newspaper's art show has been fired for "supporting child pornography". Aaron De Groft is outraged.
    “They said, ‘She can’t be the winner; it doesn’t fit with the squeaky clean image of the Virginian-Pilot and SunTrust [their sponsor],’” he said. “And I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Every day on the front page of your newspaper you print a blown-up picture of dead people from the war in Iraq.” []
  • Rickets is making a comeback in children because breastfeeding mothers are simply not getting enough Vitamin D from the sun.
    ...vitamin D is called the "sunshine vitamin" for good reason -- the easiest way your body gets what you need is from the sun's UV rays. But our sun-shunning
    behavior the past few decades, fueled by fears of skin cancer and the sun's aging effects on skin, set us up for vitamin D deficiency across the population. []