The Daily Newds 4/21/08

  • The winning entry in a creative writing contest has the following line: "I stand naked in front of my bathroom mirror; it reminds me what a human body should look like." How many of you out there avoid the mirror when you are nude? []
  • A New Zealand gallery used a nude model in its display window to promote a new show called "Curves".
    Gallery director Elizabeth Cunnane said it was the first time the gallery had used a nude model to promote an exhibition.

    Ms Cunnane said having a nude model was a playful and slightly provocative way of getting people's attention. []
  • Dade City nudists have organized in order to promote their Florida area as a naturist mecca.
    "The naturist community is a diamond in the rough," Marcia Stone, a member of the grass-roots group, told the Tourist Development Council on Wednesday. "We want to market Pasco County as a nudist destination. We need to let them know what we have." []
  • A UK coffee shop has apologized to a young mother who was kicked out of the store for breastfeeding her baby.
    The 20-year-old, who had been in an outside seating area with her back to the window, burst into tears. She said: "It was humiliating. I'd just got over a fear of breastfeeding in public and now I've stopped. It's something a mother should never have to go through." []