The Daily Newds 4/23/08

  • Moscow is not a breastfeeding-friendly city. []
  • Trinny and Susannah are looking for 200 volunteers to strip naked in public for a television stunt in the UK. []
  • Kelly Clarkson admits to being nude at home, even among guests. [Hollyscoop]
  • Spencer Tunick is planning nude art installations in Ireland. []
  • Where did the saying "naked as a jaybird" come from? []
  • In Nashville, new permissive rules for topless clubs are meeting approval from even a Pentecostal preacher. []
  • David Beckham and his wife Victoria are also self-admitted home nudists. []
  • A judge has refused to block a new ordinance in Memphis aimed at topless bars which "would ban beer sales and require dancers to wear pasties and maintain a six-foot distance from customers and one another when performing". []
  • The Desert Shadows Resort and Spa is reopening almost as quickly as it closed. []
  • A nude art model in Florida likes her job. Her parents, not so much.
    "Getting into it isn't particularly hard," she said. "You just kind of want to do it."Her parents weren't thrilled with the news. "They were not very accepting of any of the nude forms in art or any in real life," she said. But the idea eventually grew on them. Well, a little, at least."It's not like pornography in any way, you know," she said. "It's art - it's beauty - it's real." []
  • A bus full of naturists will be following the Olympic torch in Australia. [MCOT]
  • Naked Sushi was not enough to save a Twin Cities restaurant. []
  • Tina Fey laments the loss of the "girl next door" images in Playboy magazine.
    "But it's all fake now," Fey sighs.

    In an era of cosmetic surgery, she gets depressed when she contemplates the phenomenon of young women who want to look even more beautiful than they already are -- in the past she's accused them of "mutilating their bodies" -- and she marvels over what this says about our current culture.

    "We don't want to see people looking not great," she says, adding that this certainly applies to celebrities undergoing cosmetic surgery. []
  • A sculpture of a naked man, anatomically correct, is dividing a town in the UK. []
  • If you are planning on sneaking in a camera to snap Daniel Radciliffe's "chap", you'd better think twice. []
  • Penelope Cruz bares all in a new Richard Attenborough film. []