The Daily Newds 4/28/08

  • Sunshine Gardens, one of Michigan's oldest nudist venues, is going textile.
    Penny Adams said though she'll have some things to get used to running a clothed resort — she'll have pockets, for one thing — she said the spirit of Sunshine Gardens will remain the same.

    "We'll be the same family-friendly, fun resort that we always were," she said. "Just now, with clothes." []
  • A California woman who is known as the "pastie lady" is baring as much skin as legally possible in order to send a message promoting Earth-friendliness.
    "Nudity is natural, but a lot of people are uncomfortable with it," said Moss, 32. "It's OK for children to play video games where they are killing each other, and it's patriotic to murder people in a war. But women's breasts in public? You better watch out!" []
  • Over-hyped, over-exposed and over-sexualized teenage Disney commodity Miley Cyrus is suddenly apologetic over some tastefully done artistic photos taken by famed-photographer Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair magazine. Incredibly, the Disney Channel is accusing the magazine of deliberately manipulating the 15 year-old girl. Pot. Kettle. Black. []
  • Kids are natural nudists, but when does spontaneous nudity become something more disturbing?
    Corey Zenz, 4, loves to wriggle out of his little Cleveland Browns T shirt, shorts, socks and undies, and tear around outside naked. "It was kind of cute at age 3," says his mom, Lindsay, 29. "But if he does it this summer, it's not going to be that cute." She's concerned "people might think he's headed down the nasty path of being a flasher." Stopping him, however, isn't easy. "Boys Corey's age are slippery and amazingly fast," she says. "He's dressed, then he's not and I'm yelling, 'Corey, get over here and get your clothes on'." Oh, come on, it's still cute. []
  • Mischa Barton does not have a problem with nudity. []
  • A planning committee in the UK has ordered an artist to remove a sculpture which depicts male genitals.
    "If it had been a woman's breasts, that would have been different," said Rebecca Johnson-Marshall, of Marlborough Hill. "I thought the world had moved on, but obviously not." []
  • An Ohio prosecutor is threatening children who take nude photos of themselves with jail time, juvenile detention, and registering them as sex offenders. []
  • An advice columnist, when asked about what to do about a nudist roommate, responds: "For her, nakedness is a way of life. For you, clothing is your way of life. Who's to say her nakedness is wrong or your clothing is right?" []
  • A journalist offers her perspective on the controversy between PayPal and The Federation of Canadian Naturists.
    The naked truth, in this case, may have less to do with skin-bare minors than with fear and blame over our lost innocence and society's anger at those who reduce our children to the objects of sexual enjoyment. []
  • Nudism figures prominently in the history of tanning. []
  • A Pakistan art gallery is coming under attack for displaying nude portraits.
    “For me, it’s nothing but an insult to women,” said Abdul Wahab, a visitor. He said the nation paid for this spacious gallery but it had nothing for them except for shame and embarrassment. []
  • Young Chinese women are having nude photographs taken of themselves in order to record the beauty of their youth. []
  • The Oxford Union, perhaps the world's best known debating society, takes on the subject of Britain's "page three" topless photos. []