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FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY A George Washington University student, Clayton McKleskey, was in Germany with some friends, and eagerly accepted their invitation to go swimming. Little did he realize that the venue was clothes-free, but since everybody else was naked, he was left with no choice but to strip down, too.
The first five minutes were perhaps the most awkward I have ever experienced. There I was, skinny dipping with my best friends. And we hadn't even been drinking.
After the initial shock, his American prudishness began to melt away.
Between the swimming, sauna-ing, foot washing, wine drinking and group showering, it almost started to feel normal that nobody was wearing clothes.

All in all, I have to say I really enjoyed the evening. I mean, how can it not be fun to watch a bunch of hot Europeans walk around naked?

For the sake of my dear GW roommate Tim, I think I should go on the record as saying that I have not turned into a nudist. At least, not yet.
The key words here are "not yet". A little social nudity never hurt anyone, and I'm sure that Clayton now "gets it" when it comes to the nudist/naturist movement, which is basically just saying that being nude is really no big deal. As he says in closing, "Once you have seen one rear end, haven't you seen them all?"

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