Godzilla Size Penises Attack Japan

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Well, they didn't actually "attack", but the enormous phalluses attracted a crowd of 30,000 people to the 300 year-old Kanamara festival in Kawasaki. Worshippers prayed for blessings and protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
"There is the gay parade in France and around the gay world, but nothing with a phallus or things like this," said Elizabeth Filipe, a 25-year-old banker from France.

"And people are not shy," she added, as people posed with wooden phallic symbols.

Angela Wheaton, a 28-year-old visitor from the United Kingdom who was holding a penis-shaped lollipop, said attitudes appeared to be much more liberal in Japan than in Europe.

"You wouldn't find a festival like this in the UK. Maybe in secret somewhere, but nothing like this," she said.
Hat tip to Jezebel.

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