Nipples Ahoy!

The people who run the charter boat in Florida which was banned from a Fort Pierce marina because it featured bikini clad/topfree lady mates have consulted an attorney and are circulating a petition to build up public support.

The boat was banned because the marina features "family events", even though the women in the bikinis were never seen on the dock, only took their tops off miles from shore, and the boat enforced a strict "no touch" policy.

Once again, it's all about the nipples. As far as I know, there is no law preventing anyone from wearing a bikini on a boat, male or female. In addition, I know of no law preventing anyone from getting totally naked on a boat out to sea, otherwise how could there be nude cruises?

No, it's those pesky female nipples which cause people to lose all sensibility, that they need to be covered up at all time for the sake of "the children".

This appears to be a clear case of discrimination. If a bunch of men go out fishing, downing beers with their man boobs hanging out, nobody bats an eyelash, but should a woman do the same - well, suddenly someone is offended.

The rest of the world must really think we are nuts.

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