The Nudist Bikini

It's silly season as far as nudists are concerned, when millions of women go shopping for bathing suits, a task as dreaded as filling out a tax return. "How to Make Sure Your Bikini Fits Properly" is an article nudists should find particularly humorous.
...the shops are full of two-pieces designed to preserve a girl's modesty and show off her figure.
Sorry, you can't have it both ways. Either someone is modest, or they are showing off their figure. It's like saying someone is going on a diet but can eat whatever they want.
"Once breast tissue has stretched it doesn't spring back so it is vital to have good support, even when wearing bikinis.
Sorry, but the very few times that most women actually go to the beach is not going to create damaging stress on breast tissue. During rigorous exercise, it is recommended that women wear properly fitted sports bras to minimize damage to the root tissue, but there is ample evidence that bras actually contribute to sagging breasts.
I do believe having a properly fitted bikini can do wonders for your body shape and self-confidence.
I don't understand the argument that covering up body imperfections helps self-confidence. It only contributes to having a poor body image. Rather than striving to conform, it's much better to accept the fact that all bodies are simply different and beautiful in their own ways. People might think that they are improving their looks, but the truth is that bathing suits do not mask body shape; in fact, the opposite is true. The wet and tight fitting fabric only accentuates the skin underneath.

The following observation is made about actress Kim Cattrall:
"She's got a great figure for her age but as with most women of a certain age, it is definitely best to cover up a bit."
One of the wonderful things about nudism is that the lifestyle celebrates all bodies, young and old. Nudists discover quickly that older people often look better naked than they do clothed. There is no shame in getting older, aging is not a disease. Telling any older person to "cover up a bit" is symptomatic of a society that has no value for longevity, that celebrates only the young.

So skip the bikini shopping this year and visit a nude beach or resort. Spend the time and money you save on having some real fun and freedom.

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