The Sunday Newds 4/6/08

  • One person complained about a Kiwanis Club lingerie show fundraiser. "It was a private party and they were running around with lingerie on," (veterans advocate Charlie) Waters said. "It's a place of honor, it's not a place to go and watch girls." []
  • An online poll shows that 64 percent of respondents support the use of a public pool in the UK by a gay naturist group.
    One web user said: "My local swimming pool always used to have a naturist swim. I do not find the idea of the pool being used by a group who book the facility offensive."

    Another said: "Not showering before a swim is unhygienic, swimming in the nude isn't." [Manchester Evening News]
  • A new bill passed in Florida makes it a third-degree felony to distribute photos of scantily clad minors. Better think twice before you mail Aunt Martha that cute photo of the kids playing in the pool. [Hernando Today]
  • A charter company has apparently gotten "cold feet" about providing air travel for nudist tourists in Germany. [The Local]
  • Police in Pennsylvania are reporting that naked kids with masks have been knocking on doors. []
  • Some school dress codes would send a girl home from the prom if her shoulders are exposed. []
  • A middle-aged woman in India was paraded naked through the streets of her village because she entered a local temple. []
  • Pure Fashion is a Catholic-based organization which promotes modesty and purity in young girls. "When exhibitionism becomes the norm, the fact is, it gets boring,", said "A Return to Modesty" author Wendy Shalit. []