The Weekend Newds 4/12/08

  • The debut of "The Full Monty" on a Georgia stage is raising very few eyebrows.
    "Who was ever killed by a little nudity?" Theatre Macon director Jim Crisp says. "People now, 30 years later, are far less shocked by nudity. I think maybe we're coming of age. Maybe we've grown up a bit. Maybe we're a little more adult about it." []
  • A guest on The O'Reilly Factor declared that the reason beauty pageants are waning in popularity is due to the fact that "girls just love to expose themselves". []
  • A Cypriot woman discovers something that is well-known by nudists when exposed to a group of nude women on a Greek stage.
    There is always something strange about seeing “normal” people naked. We are so used to the pornographic images of perfect airbrushed model bodies that when we actually see real ones with all their lumps and bumps, with different shaped bosoms and thighs, it’s embarrassingly interesting. []
  • 35 older people paraded nude across a Berlin stage, wearing only Mickey Mouse masks, for a new production of Verdi's "A Masked Ball". [The Independent]
  • A "gloriously fleshy" nude by Lucian Freud is expected to set a record as the most expensive sale ever by a living artist. []
  • A mother is calling for officials to ban an adult sex show after her 15 year-old daughter was admitted and allowed to pose in "slutty" attire for three hours. []
  • Images of the derriere of an Italian adult star have been plastered all around Rome in an attempt to win the woman a seat in City Hall.
    "People don't want to see these politicians' faces anymore," she said from her Rome apartment.

    She said she was tapping into her popularity among pornography fans as "an act of generosity" to help Italy's socialists, who are fielding her in the municipal race.

    "I am the derriere of the Socialist party," she said. []
  • 30 women are competing in a London nipple tassel tournament for the prize of being best newcomer at the International Burlesque Festival. [New Zealand Herald]
  • A Massachusetts town is considering legislation against any "establishment which displays live nudity for its patrons." [The MetroWest Daily News]
  • Cosmetic surgeons are now pushing Botox as a remedy for sagging breasts and sweaty armpits. []
  • People are outraged that a woman was not allowed to breastfeed her child during a court hearing. [KentOnline]
  • A sculptor is re-interpreting stories from mythology by inserting the nude female form into roles popularly held by men.
    "It's a reaction, a strong reaction to what men have done to our bodies," (Candice Raquel) Lee said of her nude creations. "A women's body is a force of creature and by showing her nude, it can help women to look at themselves differently." []
  • What is the appeal of bare-naked dating?
    "You strip away the clothing and the fa├žade, and you get to know that person for who they really are," says (AANR representative Carolyn) Hawkins, a lifestyle nudist. She adds that the experience tends to be "very stress-free.
    "It's usually the man who wants to go the first time, and the woman who wants to come back." []
  • A nude photograph of the First Lady of France sold for $91,000. [Amateur Photographer]
  • Is that the image of a naked woman reflected in Dick Cheney's sunglasses? []
  • The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has reinstated felony charges against a woman who staged a nude protest in 2005, saying that "her behavior was a potentially frightening and intimidating assault on the public’s eyes". [Boston Herald]

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