The Weekend Newds 4/18/08

  • A revolutionary Persian artist incorporates images of nude women in Mosque settings in order to challenge "the idea that Muslim women should be hidden behind the hejab". []
  • A high school principal has censored a student artwork in which the head of Harry Potter is superimposed over a nude image based upon Michelangelo's "Adam" from the Sistine Chapel. It's OK for the Vatican, but not for the school. []
  • Sexism is alive and well at Penn State University.
    "We still have 10s, and we still have nines, but somehow it seems like there are a lot fewer eights than there used to be," (Dave) Ricci (senior-finance) said. []
  • Apparently the media will never learn that a registered sex offender who goes naked in public in order to draw attention to himself is NOT A NUDIST. Yes, Brattleboro is in the news again. []
  • Ohio police are warning both students and parents that sending the nude image of an underage individual with a cell phone is "the same as child pornography". Kettering Police Officer Jennifer Smithhart is threatening to charge parents with crimes because they are "paying the bills", and to confiscate cell phones. [] In a related story, Utah authorities have charged a 15 year-old with "one third-degree felony count of dealing in material harmful to a minor, plus three class-B misdemeanor counts of lewdness" for transmitting nude cell phone images. []
  • Pan Ying-hua, a Taiwanese nude swimmer, is publishing a book to commemorate the tenth anniversary of her naturist group. []
  • An art collector is upset that the gallery show that he is bankrolling is being removed due to an event being held at the arts center because "paintings of nudes upset wedding people".
    "There have been accusations they pictures are pubescent and inappropriate and could be any age from 12 to 14. But there's nothing wrong with them; it's just bureaucracy gone barmy. I sponsor these three artists and I can assure you they're lovely pictures. They're all over 16 - most were done in life classes." []
  • Having no truly pressing matters on the agenda. Florida lawmakers have banned the display of "Truck Nutz" on trailer hitches.
    "I find it shocking we'd tell people with metallic testicles on their bumpers that this is a violation," said Sen. Steve Geller, D-Hallandale. "There's got to be better things for us to spend time debating." []
  • An 89 year-old Australian war veteran has pledges to ride his mobility scooter in the nude during a military parade to protest unfair treatment by the government in denying him a medal and revoking his war service. []
  • Generally speaking, Paris Hilton is a twit, but at least she has a healthy attitude about her body.
    The 27-year-old has vowed never to undergo breast enlargement surgery, as she doesn't like the appearance of a larger bust.She tells New York magazine, "I like how mine are, I don't like big boobs." []

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