Beyond Skinny-Dipping

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Nudism is going through a period of positive publicity, and today's article on nude bowlers in Canada (accompanied by a similarly positive video) is one of the best. Without being "cheeky" or condescending, the writer treats the subject with respect and understanding, especially since she is clearly out of her element.
Still, there's something undeniably weird about a bowling alley filled with naked people. Think of nudists, and images of being outdoors, communing with nature, sunbathing and swimming come to mind. Yes, we know that some people take pleasure in vacuuming their own homes starkers, but bowling?

“There are all sorts of people that are practising social nude recreation,” Mr. (Paul) Andreassen explains. “Bowling is new for us and it's proving a great success.”
Breaking out of the nudist mold of swims and rustic retreats is not easy. Even finding a swimming pool for use by a naturist group can be a daunting task. One group here in Ohio is building its own pool. Another Ohio group once was able to rent out a bowling alley for a night, and according to the club president, it was a "blast". But the bowling venue was pretty far away and expensive, so a repeat visit has proven to be prohibitive logistically and financially. The Canadian group was very fortunate.
Surprisingly, the club had little trouble finding a venue. When it first approached the owner of the bowling alley about a rental, she thought they were kidding, Lucky Strike employee Charmaine Smith says.

“When I told her I'd heard of the nude swims and the group was for real, she just shrugged and said, ‘Oh. Okay,'” Ms. Smith laughs.

Ms. Smith volunteered to staff the session. “I think it's great – good for them.”
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