"A Predator-Infested World"

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Slowly but surely, American lawmakers are turning every US citizen into a criminal. Already one out of every 100 people are behind bars, marijuana arrests are way up in the last decade, and now, because of the Miley Cyrus photo flap, anyone who takes a picture of a child, or looks at a picture of a child, could be convicted as a felon.

"Life. liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" has become "death, prison, and the suppression of happiness".

Incredibly, a conservative Illinois activist is actually suggesting that the Cyrus photo could be considered child pornography.
So will this Vanity Fair issue be allowed on Illinois store shelves next week? Store owners should be concerned because distributing child pornography is a Class X felony. Does Vanity Fair contain child porn?

That question could well be tested when the magazines go on display. Miley's photo is within specific boundaries of Illinois child pornography definitions, except for one phrase left open for interpretation: Does the questionable photo stir "prurient" interest?
ANY photograph can stir "prurient" interest. Do we ban all advertising for shoes just because someone out there might have a foot fetish? Do we ban fishnet stockings, or plunging necklines? Do we ban ALL photos of children, even when taken by parents? The writer closes with the following statement:
Indeed, the seemingly frivolous "Hannah Montana" photo controversy may have wide-ranging legal implications that could end up in the U.S. Supreme Court once again.

Until then, determined parents will need to find their way through unchartered (sic) territory to successfully protect their daughters and sons in a predator-infested world.
It's always about protecting the children from "evil". Never mind that the US Department of Agriculture reports that 17.2% of ALL children in this country are "food insecure", meaning that they live in households where food is hard to come by, that they skip meals, or are forced to eat substandard foods. Never mind that nearly 10 million children in America lack health insurance. Never mind that our education system is failing.

Yes, it is a "predator-infested" world - these arch conservatives who work to erode our freedoms and distract us from the real issues which face this country are predators. Children are hungry, malnourished, dying from illnesses and failing in school, but our legislators and judges are holding up a photo of a pop star as the number one evil confronting our society.

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