The Sunday Newds 5/4/08


  • Cathy Sorbo explores the naked truth about Seattle.
    The Web site has its manifesto clearly outlined. Topics include the importance of proper signage and nudity and children. At the beach, most children have to fight the urge to take clothing off, and in fact find nakedness rather funny. Every summer I have to have that conversation with my daughter (now 9 years old) as to why she can't take her top off at the beach but the boys can.

    "I don't see what the big deal is," she said last summer. "I look just like a boy up there anyway." []
  • In Nevada, it's legal to advertise your brothel on a public billboard as long as there is no nudity. []
  • A Louisiana lawmaker seeks to strictly define nudity statewide.
    Six of the bill's 13 pages are devoted to definitions of terms used in the law, including "nudity," which is forbidden. "Semi-nudity," which in part means "the showing of the female breast below a horizontal line across the top of the areola and extending across the width of the breast at that point." []
  • More Miley Miley Miley.
    “She is 15. She is in this transitional period. She is exploring her sexuality. I don’t have a problem with her being sexual, but I do see a problem with the way her body is being exploited by Vanity Fair and other adults for profit. And it turns out she was not in control (of the photo).” []

    I don’t think a photographed bare back and a 15-year-old’s idea of a sexy smile is nearly as damaging as the real needs of a painfully emerging adult being funnelled through the franchise demands and financial ambitions of the Walt Disney Corp. []

    A 15-year-old should be thinking about bubble-gum pink nail polish, riding her bike or making the volleyball team. And the adults in a 15-year-old's life have a responsibility to limit her world to at least a PG-13 level. []

    People are all bent out of shape about the “semi-nude,” seductive picture of Miley Cyrus. As if somehow this photograph defiles this supposedly clean-cut, virginal 5-year-old role model/icon. If you look at it closely, you can argue that her expression is anything you want it to be. Put your fingers across the photograph to cover her body and if you look only at her face, she could be thinking or doing anything. It is non-descript in the extreme. Her back is bare. So what? Anybody with a long lens could catch a much more disturbing picture of her in a bikini at the beach. []
  • A 30 year-old Arizona student and mother of two is fighting for women's topfreedom.
    I was raised in a very liberal home, and we would go to hot springs and Native American sweats, and nudity was never an issue. I was never taught to be ashamed or told there was anything weird. To me, it’s always fascinating. Why would you be offended by boobies? I don’t get it. They feed children; they are just there. There’s nothing sexual about breasts in my opinion, not any more than a man’s chest. It probably boils down to insecurity. … It’s really the only thing I can think of. [] [Taboobies]
  • More on the legal case which has opened to the door for Queensland's first official nude beach [], and a profile of the 77 year-old naturist at the heart of the issue. []
  • Lisa Lewis has won the job as New Zealand's first nude newsreader. []
  • A Canadian naturist declares "People are getting an interest in nudism...It's coming out of the closet." []

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