The Weekend Newds 5/2/08

  • The CEO of a $300 million company prefers to spend his life in the nude. []
  • The Australian Nudist Federation is supporting the use of security cameras on a nude beach in order to discourage offensive behavior. [Geelong Advertiser]
  • Arizona State University in Tempe is joining the string of colleges supporting "undie runs" whereby students strip down to their underwear for a jog around campus, and then donate their clothes to charity. [College Times]
  • The Sun uses World Naked Gardening Day as yet another excuse to publish photos of topless women. [The Sun]. Seriously, May 3 is the official World Naked Gardening Day. [WNGD]
  • ABC News headline exclaims that teen breast enhancement is "no big deal'. []. And don't forget about Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation to make your Brazilian look more attractive. []. Or boob jobs to help strippers survive a bad economy. [Los Angeles Times]
  • A New Jersey law outlaws the "change of clothes in any public area or public street unless within a permanent enclosed structure". []
  • A Florida biology teacher claims that she was fired from her high school because she moonlighted as a bikini-wearing babe on a fishing charter boat. []
  • African police are cracking down on "indecent conduct" at the annual Pink Loerie Mardi Gras parade in Knysna.
    Event co-ordinator Juan Lerm said Pink Police marshalls would clamp down on nudity. An 80-year-old man who has exposed his rear each year - last year he was archbishop of the moon - is to be asked to cover up. []
  • The bare-breasted woman on Virginia's state flag is called "Virtue", but the commonwealth has a long history of regulating consensual sex. []
  • Five musicians in a UK orchestra will bare all on How to Look Good Naked.
    "We've all got a great deal of respect for one another, and don't have anything you wouldn't see on a beach in Brighton on a sunny day.

    "The programme is very much about developing confidence, and the nudity is just a metaphor of being comfortable with who you are." [The Courier]
  • Naked girls and giant puppets are part of a new stage production of Carmina Burana. []
  • A Cleveland reporter sheds his fears and his clothes to become a nude model for a life drawing class. [The Plain Dealer]
  • The naked sushi craze has hit Florida. []
  • People were shocked! shocked! to see Britney Spears wearing a towel in an exercise room. []
  • A new Florida law will punish anyone who takes a nude photo of a minor, even with parental authorization. Offenders face a five year jail term or a $5000 fine. []
  • Thirteen lacrosse players have been disciplined for writing a prom invitation for one of their teammates on their bare bottoms.
    "Inappropriate is inappropriate," school athletic director Dottie Davis told The Ann Arbor News. "It disrespects women, and that's the clear message we need to have the students understand — what may be fun to them isn't necessarily fun to everyone else." []
  • A group of University of Maryland students were taking a nude bicycle ride when the police arrived in answer to a complaint. Although they managed to throw on their pants, the 4 males and 1 female remained topless, but only the female received an indecent exposure citation.
    Maryland code doesn't specify exactly what constitutes indecent exposure, though attorney and government and politics professor Amir Sadeghy said a topless woman likely would fall under the definition.Singling Caitlin out from the shirtless bunch probably would not be classified as gender discrimination, said Sadeghy, who is also the director of the university Mock Trial team. []
  • A Massachusetts town has OK'd strippers to take the stage at a local club, but they cannot be nude. [The Morning Call]
  • Charges of indecent exposure have been dropped against a 77 year-old Australian man, prompting the president of Free Beaches Australia to call for at least one official nude beach in Queensland. []
  • If you can't get up the courage to go skinny-dipping this summer, you can always go skinny-sipping with Nude Beach Beer. [The Business Journal]