Can Nudists and Swingers Meet in the Middle?

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY That is what a Jan Glidewell suggests in the St. Petersburg Times.
The issue here really isn't over the nature or morality of their activity, almost all of which takes place in private. It is more over matters like real estate values, public perceptions, economics and marketing.
Really? Has nudism come to be only a financial enterprise, devoid of philosophy and purity of intention?

I agree to a certain degree that it's not about the morality or nature of the activities. It's about the merging of the two lifestyles.

Nudism and naturism has always been, and always should be, about the family. It's about teaching children, and people of all ages, that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of, that we do not have "dirty" parts, and if we do not all look alike, that is something to be applauded, not booed.

Nudists and naturists also believe in healthy sex lives. Whatever happens among consenting adults in terms of sexual play is generally acceptable. Certainly many nudists are swingers or members of the lifestyles movement, and that's perfectly fine.

The "behind closed doors" attitude is applicable to virtually every lifestyle.

If a clothing-optional resort bills itself as a swinger's club, or caters to swingers, then it can no longer be defined as being "nudist", because it restricts itself to a particular age group, and it's not appropriate for children. People will attend with the intent of seeking sexual encounters, and not to practice the naturist lifestyle.
How to target that market without becoming a part of it is probably the major issue, and today's economy is a dicey one that has most businesses leery of ignoring any part of their market base.
You would not run a brothel out of a church hall, or sell pornography in a Christian bookstore. But that does not mean that churchgoers do not sometimes frequent prostitutes, or view pornographic films. Images mean something, labels are important. People need to know what to expect from their organizations. Truth in advertising is not just a slogan.

Yes, nudists and swingers can co-exist, but not in the same club, resort or community. It's like oil and water, they simply do not mix, and there is no middle ground.

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