Canadian Writer Advocates Topfree Equality

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Jack Knox agrees that there is a double standard when it comes to laws governing the exposure of male and female nipples. His solution? Make both men and women cover up!
The thing is, I don't want to see women walking around topless. I don't want to watch men walking around topless, either. Generally speaking, I don't want to see anybody's wobbly bits hanging out, male or female.
Knox acknowledges that he is a hypocrite, that he once enjoyed leering at topfree airline attendants on the French Riviera, but that he loathes the sight of imperfect bodies.
Most people look less like God's image than God's shop-class experiments. Things sag. Things flop, and sweat, and go pear-shaped or concave. Men strut about with huge guts swollen to the point of bursting, as though they're trying to digest an entire piglet.

Not that this should matter. Better to be comfortable with our misshapen bodies than to be made miserable chasing an impossible ideal.

Still doesn't mean you should take your shirt off wherever you want, though.
Again we have this patently offensive attitude that only people with perfect bodies are allowed the freedom to be nude, or partially nude.

Keep in mind that men have not always had the right to topfreedom, and this type of attitude, if it is allowed to prevail, could begin to force men to cover up once again. Think it can't happen? Well, it already has in Washington D.C., the Nation's Capital, where male shirtlessness is considered "indecent exposure". The shocking part of this is that an online Washington Post poll accompanying this article shows that 1/3 of respondents support the mandatory shirts rule!

Apparently some people are so frightened and repulsed by female nipples that they are willing to give up the right for men to show theirs. Equal rights? If this gets tested in the courts, men might soon have to go back to wearing those old bathing suits from the 1920s.

If we are not comfortable with the skins of others, how can we be comfortable in our own?

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