Is Nudity the New Normal?

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Pieta Woolley makes the argument for Vancouver:
For the greater good of society, public nudity is worth pursuing, according to Brian Ferris, a clinical psychologist in private practice in North Vancouver. All this bare skin is a good sign of the city’s mental health, he said. Vancouver has a playfulness drought, Ferris believes, and being naked in a group not only is playful but can break down feelings of social isolation.
Social nudists and naturists have long argued this point. In fact, nudity is the old normal, it's the gradual imprisonment of the human body in textiles that is the abnormal, reaching the height of ridiculousness during the Victorian era. We have gradually backed away from that time of woolen swimwear.

Now if only we can figure out as a society that the human body in it's natural state is healthy for the well-being of its people, then we might enter a new era where we celebrate our bare skin rather than worship its covering.

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