It's All About Behavior

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY By now you've heard or read about AANR's suspension of the Caliente resort in Florida because it was catering to swingers.

Personally, I have no problem with sexual behavior between consenting adults. Nudists are not prudes, and simply being comfortable in one's own skin is bound to improve the sexual side of life.

So if nudism can improve sexuality, why are nudists fighting Caliente's decision to allow swinger groups to use the facilities?

The central core of nudism, or naturism, is that the human body is natural, beautiful, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and that people of all ages should be able to exercise the freedom of nudity.

Social nudity cannot succeed unless the behavior of all those participating is acceptable to every age group. Once the wholesome family atmosphere is removed, it is no longer nudism.

If nudists and naturists wish to succeed in the creation of nude beaches, achieving topfree equality, and public acceptance, the overt sexual element must be separated like a cancer.

Eden Condominiums in Florida is making a big mistake in barring anyone under the age of 18 from using its proposed clothing-optional pool. Taking children out of the mix immediately gives the pool a Vegas-style appeal, that what happens there stays there, and gives it a "naughty" element.

Take away the children, and eventually you take away responsible behavior. It's the kids in our lives that remind us of our responsibilities, that give us balance when making decisions, and make us think twice about how we behave.

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