Jen Moss Denied Parade Permit

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY "Nudity Activist" Jen Moss will appear topfree in Oregon on July 4 at the Asland parade, but on the sidewalks, because her permit to march has been rejected.
"I'm not indecent," she said. "... I don't deserve to be discriminated against because of my beliefs. I'm not trying to get attention. I'm here standing up for liberty — and most clothing is made in sweatshops with child labor and billions of tons of dyes.

"How dare they judge me? Some people look at me and feel thoughts in their minds that 'she's a slut' or promiscuous. How dare they look at my body and teach their children to be ashamed of their bodies? I love children and would never do anything to hurt them."
How dare they, indeed.

Although it's legal for women to be topfree in Ashland, the Chamber of Commerce rejected Moss' request because her nudity was deemed inappropriate for the parade's "positive, family-friendly theme." What could possibly be more positive and family-friendly than a female breast?

Moss threatens to sue and bring in the ACLU, but it's too late for this year's parade.

Just watch - lawmakers in Ashland will begin to consider anti-nudity laws after the holiday, because there is nothing more dangerous to children and the public at large than female nipples.

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