Kissing the Toilet Seat

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY You've certainly heard someone say "I'd rather die" than do something perceived to be offensive, such as go to a nude beach, or to eat spinach. Not to mention the Hillary Clinton supporters who are actually threatening to vote for John McCain because their candidate failed. It goes beyond "sour grapes", it's stubbornness taken to the extreme, where the threatened reaction is actually more destructive than the alternative.

So along comes this interview with Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson, who exclaims quite emphatically that she would "rather kiss a toilet seat than play a nude role". Not even for a million billion dollars. Take note that the interview is decorated with a couple of pouty publicity shots with Mercy showing off her best assets.

Penn and Teller have a good name for this: Bullshit!

So the next time you hear someone exclaim that they would rather die, kiss a toilet seat, or be nailed to a cross instead of doing something comparably mundane, call them on it. The world already has enough bullshit, and somebody has to draw the line in the sand.

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