Mooning the Streakers

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY I don't get it. Back in the 70s college students were running naked everywhere. Ray Stevens had a hit song called "The Streak". What better way to burn off some steam than by throwing off your clothes and running around the campus. And who didn't drop trou and moon someone at least once?

A Penn State student was arrested for mooning a group of students who were streaking by his dorm. Can a group of streakers possibly be offended by someone's bare ass? Not likely, but a particularly dickish "residence life coordinator" witnessed the display and told police that he was "indeed offended", and so the student was charged with lewdness and disorderly conduct and will stand trial.

This is not a crime, and the police should not be wasting the court's time with such a trivial matter. As a first-time offender, the student will eventually have his record expunged, but you can just imaging the personal shame, financial expense, and stress upon his family and friends. For showing his buttocks? Are we really this insane as a society? I guess we are.

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