Naturism Under Attack in Vermont

Any naturist will tell you that one of the great simple pleasures of life is to be nude in nature.

The human skin is the largest of the organs, and shedding artificial clothing allows the body to breathe, to feel the breeze, the warmth of the sun, and the enveloping cool of the water.

The human is the only creature on Earth to wear clothing. The same intellect which invented textiles for protection against the elements, also created shame and guilt as a false means to keep the clothing on, even when completely unnecessary.

Little by little, humans have lost the right to be nude in nature. What was once natural is now illegal. What was once commonplace is now rare. The human body itself has become illegal.

In Vermont, one of the last bastions of personal freedom in America, a popular skinny-dipping venue is being threatened with extinction by a group of people who are blinded by something they do not understand, and motivated by a personal disgust for the human body.

Southwest Cove in Westmore, Vermont, is listed in naturism guides and on web sites as being clothing-optional. There is even a sign warning people that they "may encounter nude bathers".

But something has stirred up a group of residents to petition the town Selectboard to force beachgoers to cover up. Perhaps it was the Brattleboro fiasco that has given these people impetus to act - I stated over and over that nothing good would come out of that. And once again, it appears that town officials will likely err on the side of the moralists, simply because it's a safe political stance. No politician wants to be seen as being pro-nudity, not in today's conservative Christianist climate. When the Board takes up the issue on June 23, they will be under a lot of pressure to trample the basic human right to be nude in nature.
"For me, it's about common public decency — getting families and kids and people and Westmore back down to what they all talk about as being the most beautiful place, and they don't go there any more," said Tony Strange, who lives about a half-mile from Southwest Cove and helped circulate a petition asking the Select Board to enact the ordinance..."All we're looking for, you know, is no nudity on the public beach," he said. "You want to be naked in private, fine... I just don't want you to prance around like a puffed up chicken in front of my kids and think it's OK."
Once again, it's all about "the kids". Nobody ever tackles this issue with any common sense, otherwise it would be obvious that the nude human body has never harmed anyone.

Hopefully calmer heads will prevail and shoot down this unnecessary anti-freedom ordinance.

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