Nude on the Job

I consider myself to be one of the lucky naturists who doesn't have to go to venues and club events in order to be nude. Since I work at home, I am sans clothing all day long, except when answering the door, or stepping outdoors. In the summer, it's so much more comfortable than sitting around with fabric sticking to the skin in all the wrong places, and it saves energy by not having to crank the A/C and do laundry all the time.

Canadian Nikki Lafrance (shown above) is even luckier as the front desk receptionist for Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.
Lafrance didn't know naturist camps existed. "I thought it was just in Far Side comics" – until she visited Bare Oaks three years ago when her parents sampled naturism and got a trailer there..."I'm usually bouncing when I'm there. I feel so happy and free," says Lafrance.
The one thing that all nudists wear is a smile.

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