Perth to Display Sculpture of Nude Nine Year-Old Girl

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Oh my God! What are they thinking? A nude sculpture of a nine year-old child? Right in the city streets? It's pornography! Child exploitation! It will attract pedophiles!

Yes, the city of Perth in Australia has received a gift from 80 year-old artist Judith Anketell, who posed nude in 1935 for the original plaster cast. The artwork is to be cast in bronze for outdoor display, and the subject denies that it is pornography.
"It was very tastefully done. It was a beautiful reproduction of my body."
Yes, the human body is beautiful. We should all be so lucky to have ourselves immortalized when we are youthful and innocent.

Anketell also has a few words to say about the recent dust-up in Sydney over the seizing of 20 images of nude young teenage girls from an exhibition.
"As far as I'm concerned what's happening in Sydney shows people have no appreciation of art," she said. "It sadly seems like these things are taboo these days. "I think it was absolutely crazy what went on over there (in Sydney)."
Crazy is the appropriate word, when people allow their emotions to overcome rational thought. We must begin to stop looking at our children through the eyes of a pedophile.

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