California Nudists Mobilize

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY The Southern California Naturists Association (SCNA) has formed a Nude Beach Alliance to restore clothing-optional status to Bates Beach, and to try and save other venues, such as San Onofre.
Members have begun a sly campaign to raise awareness among local business owners of their numbers and purchasing power. Armed with fistfuls of $2 bills, naturists use the questions generated by the unusual currency as an opportunity to explain their mission and demonstrate that for a troubled economy, there is profit in numbers.
Yes, here is profit in numbers. There is also power, and safety, and influence. Organization is the key to furthering the naturist cause.
In a secluded backyard high in the Camarillo hills, SCNA’s outdoor party looks something like how you might imagine the Garden of Eden. Adults lounge in lawn chairs and sip margaritas in the buff; a 10 year-old girl with flotation devices strapped to her bare arms and middle darts toward the indoor pool, where a half dozen people tread water in birthday suits instead of swimsuits; and Vivian Weston, a former employee of the now-closed Elysium Fields nudist resort in Topanga Canyon, has jokingly nestled two tiny fuchsia flowers in her pubic area. Everywhere, people of all body shapes and sizes mingle easily, unabashed and unashamed in an environment Wilkinson calls “awesomely tolerant.”

Nudity, he says, is “magic. It’s so completely freeing. … It’s sort of like returning to the innocence of childhood.”
Links: SCNA, Nude Beach Alliance

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