Jen Moss to Cover Up for July 4 Parade

Jen Moss has given in and agreed to wear a bikini in the Ashland, Oregon, Fourth of July parade.
Moss, 33, said she moved to Ashland in May because of its liberal public nudity law. She said she will wear a bikini while Rollerblading and blowing a conch shell during the parade. She anticipates about 10 people walking and biking with her beating drums and holding signs of peace.

"It's unfortunate that on the day Americans are celebrating their civil liberties, mine are being taken away," she said.
I think this is a good move for Moss. By covering up, she shows that she is not unreasonable, and is sensitive to the feelings of the parade organizers, and some of the population. Her point has been made, her celebrity is raised, and her cause has been furthered.
"I just wanted to stand up for evolution," she said. "In Europe it's no big deal to see naked people. It will be nice when Americans have evolved and they won't even notice that I'm naked anymore."
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