"The Monster is Within the Attitude"

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Reaction to the Art Monthly Australia cover photo continues. Among the mostly hysterical readers' comments published in PerthNow are a few coherent thoughts, but not many.
"Should women and children be banned from being close to/or naked at ALL times? Perhaps we women and children should be forced to wear head to toe coverings just in case some random sicko become aroused by looking at our natural human form."

"Why have a naked girl period? There is no need unless you have pedafile (sic) leanings."

"Who decided she should pose naked (not her, thats for sure.). It is sad that nudity is sexualised to such an extent that a naked child causes such concern, but the fact is, that is the reality of the society we live in. We have to recognise that a naked child is no longer the innocent thing it once was."

"If the police are going to arrest people who have images of nude children on their computer, why not arrest people who buy these magazines as well."

"There is no justification for the display of nude children antwhere any time."

"It's not art, it's perversion."

"Artist(s) are just another burden on society, forever asking for government handouts because basically, their products are crap so they can't make a living from them."

"There has to be some guidelines otherwise crazy people are going to start slaughtering innocent people and displaying their insides out in the street, all in the name of art, does calling it art make it okay?"

"My belief is that the monster is within the attitude. If you treat nudity with the mind-set of the Victorian working class you generate a sub culture of people who think young genitalia are secret, special, forbidden, even 'revolting' It's my view that these are the very people who by their values perpetuate the problem."

"What brain dead person considers this okay? Oh because it is art its alright, rubbish,the artist should be charged. I have to get permission to take photos at Xmas daycare. If it was funded by tax payers I hope like hell heads roll."

"my view is this is a form of child abuse and they all should be reported and charged for they have done."
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