Morality Police

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY I've often said that it makes little sense to legislate morality. This is not entirely accurate, because most of our laws do reflect our own morality, outlawing bad behavior from murder to smoking in public places. The real question is to what degree to we want legislators and law enforcement officials interfering with our personal freedoms.

Australian lifeguards complain that they have now been tagged as "morality police" since they are have been given the responsibility of enforcing the "no ogling and no jiggling" rules in topfree bathing areas.
They said "dodgy types" were warned on an almost daily basis about ogling and sitting unacceptably close to topless women while some perverts even used telescopes for spying.

In Cairns, women were allowed to sunbake topless on the Esplanade but lifeguards were supposed to enforce a "no jiggle" law.

Under the five-year-old rule, women could legally take their tops off as long as they did not strut about, swim in the pool, play beach volleyball or fling a Frisbee.
So, women can be topfree, but they are not allowed to have any fun. As for the "dodgy" types, they can also be found downtown, at the mall, in local watering holes, and walking down your street. If you want to avoid "dodgy" types, or not be seen, you had better not get naked on a beach, or, better yet, just stay home.

At least the topfreedom is allowed, so that's a step in the right direction, but trying to control normal human behavior, like someone playing with frisbee or swimming in a pool, is just nuts.

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