"Turned On" by Breastfeeding

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY No, not by doing the breastfeeding, but by watching it. Apparently our clothed society has sexualized body parts to such a degree that merely watching a female breast perform as nature intended can be seen as a sexual turn on.

A man in the UK was watching his wife breastfeeding their son, and he was consumed with the thought of drinking the milk himself.

The question about these erotic feelings was posed to Dr. Thomas Studdaford, and his long and thoughtful response is well worth reading.
One of my patients took her baby to a preview at an art gallery. When he began to cry she decided to unbutton her dress. lift up her bra and feed him immediately. She told me later that she was amazed by the small crowd of fascinated men, presumably art lovers, who gathered to look wistfully at her.
Author Suzi Godson also added her opinion.
Breast-feeding is deeply sexy and deliciously sensuous. Soft skin against soft skin. Shark eyes rolling with pleasure, and warm, wet, milky lips greedily sucking sweet vanilla cream. And when the baby wakes up, he gets his turn, too. Sexualising your baby's sustenance might feel like a transgression, but it's not.
These two responses would appear to be in contradiction with most public breastfeeding advocates, who claim that breasts are food, and children need to eat, and that anyone made to feel uncomfortable at the sight of a nursing mother need to just get over it, because they are just boobs.

There is truth on both sides of this issue. While the sight of a breastfeeding mother can arouse emotions within men, and women, it is because of having been hidden for so long. It's primarily a cultural issue. The same is true for women and topfreedom. European people of all ages are accustomed to seeing bare-breasted women on the beach, but in America toplessness can cause offense, and even result in criminal prosecution.

Ultimately it is up to the general population to learn to deal with it. Public breastfeeding is back, and is here to stay for a long time. The era of the infant formula as substitute for mother's milk is nearly over. And topfreedom is on the horizon.

American children are simply not being conditioned at home to be accepting of natural nudity. Even in schools where mandatory nude gang showers were once the rule, they are now the exception. The days of nude swimming at the YMCA, or at the local swimming hole are over.

If you hide something away for long enough, it becomes perverted. It's not going to be an easy task to reprogram our own twisted minds.

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