Vegas Topless Pools Harmful to Topfreedom

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY The topless pools in Las Vegas are nothing more than a real-life "Girls Gone Wild" videos, sexualizing women's breasts and making it harder for topfree advocates to make convincing arguments for public equality.
At the more popular pools, velvet ropes rein in lines of eager partygoers willing to pay cover charges of up to $50 on busy weekends. Women of all ages and body types saunter in sporting full makeup and stylish bikinis -- except, of course, at pools that allow "European-style sunbathing" (the current Vegas buzzword that simply means "topless"). Groups of men, from twentysomething grad students to fortysomething businessmen, congregate in infinity pools, clutching expensive cocktails and vainly attempting to keep their eyes off the nearest exposed female torso.
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