Can You Dig It?

Some people in Boston, including the Mayor, are "outraged" at the cover of the free Weekly Dig magazine.
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was not impressed. "It's totally irresponsible to have a photo like this in a paper that's widely distributed around our city," Menino said. "Young children can see it. It's not what we should be showing our young people."

"I think it's sick. It's a sick picture," (Roslindale resident) Yves Pierre-Louis said. "I don't know what they're trying to portray."
Photo? PHOTO? If the mayor thinks that this cover is photo-realistic, I'd hate to see the world through his eyes. And what could possibly be dangerous to "young people" about this cover?
The Weekly Dig's creative director, Tak Toyoshima, stands by the team's decision to use the picture as the magazine's cover. "The point of the cover is to celebrate summer, the end of summer," Toyoshima said. "It's the last hurrah, get all your ya yas out and just have fun." Toyoshima says they weren't trying to offend anyone. He said they have all kinds of cover pictures and consider it art. "Something like this is not to be sexual at all," he said. "They're nude, but there's nothing sexual happening."
But the Mayor Menino is not deterred, and is looking for ways to censor the magazine by removing dispensers from city buildings, citing the cover as evidence of the "deterioration of society". I agree. Prudish attitudes like that held by the Mayor are clearly a step backwards for free thinking, rational people.

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