Illegal Sexual Gratification

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY A 41 year-old British man pleaded guilty to 16 counts of possessing indecent photos of children.
Most of the material was of naturism and included a video of naked children aged between seven and eight helping their father put up a Christmas tree.

Referring to Allen's police interview, prosecutor Ms Rutanah said: "He said he would
download pretty pictures of children in bikinis and not child-abuse images because he was not into children getting hurt."

It was also stated that Allen didn't think he had done anything illegal because the images weren't abusive but police explained to him that he was breaking the law by getting sexual gratification from the material.
Better round up all those retail catalogs which show children in swimsuits and underwear.

Look, any grown person who is getting off on images of children is sick, and in need of help. There has to be more to this story than is being reported, because this man must have exhibited some perverse behavior to draw the attention of authorities in the first place.

But it is disturbing to think that someone can be arrested and thrown in jail simply for possessing naturist material. This man has been charged with downloading "indecent photos and movies" of children, there appears to be no formal charge against him for "sexual gratification", although that appears to be police justification for bringing the case. Out of the over 18,000 images found on his computer, only a handful were considered "level 2" offensive, and only one was found to be "level 3".

Children have always been a part of nudism and naturism. A systematic removal of young people spells doom for the lifestyle. Making this an "adults only" practice will move social nudity into becoming a more sexualized activity. Children keep adults honest and help to check bad behavior. When the kids are away the adults will play.

Angye Fox and the folks at Caliente Resort will have their way - the merging of nudism with the swinging lifestyle. No more "family-friendly" because there will be no more families.

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