The New York Times Covers San Onofre

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY The New York Times has a generally positive article today on the San Onofre Beach case, pointing out that while acknowledging that there have been some problems with sexual behavior, it's been nudists who call 911, and it's been nudists who have been handing out fliers warning against unacceptable behavior.
“There’s nothing sexual about a nude beach,” said Tracy Verrett, 31, one of a handful of newcomers erasing some tan lines. “People think you are like a swinger or something, but it’s not that at all.”

Instead, said Gerda Hayes, 64, relaxing in the buff on a chair, it is like any beach outing — socializing with friends, soaking in the rays and getting closer to nature.

“As you can see, some people are heavy, some people are short, some are tall, some are skinny,” Ms. Hayes said. “But we are all the same. You are not identified with the designer clothing you are wearing or not wearing. We are all accepted for what we are.”
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