Power in Numbers

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY I've noted several times on this blog that nudism can only become accepted in society if more people support and participate in the lifestyle. With only 50,000 members, AANR really has little political clout. Same with TNS. I've said that if hundreds of women begin going topfree at beaches, the police are not going to arrest them all. This is how Spencer Tunick succeeds - he gets thousands of people out in the open violating public nudity ordinances, yet the police actually work to protect his installations.

This maxim has been proven by the situation in Portsmouth, England. The laws on nude sunbathing were relaxed five years ago, nudists are becoming more plentiful on the beaches, and there is nothing the police can do.
Gill Jacobs, 60, complained to police about the nakedness and said she was stunned to be told nothing could be done.

She said: 'It's completely unacceptable. These people are just lying around completely naked in full view, some even walking along the waters edge.

'They shouldn't be allowed to parade their bodies in public and it's not very nice or fair on other people, especially children. But the police and council just turn a blind eye.'

Treavis McCall, treasurer of the Meon Shore Chalet Owner's Association, said: 'It's really not on anymore.'It's getting so bad that people can no longer just take a walk along the beach without seeing someone naked. It makes me so cross.'
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