Save the Cheerleader

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY An Ohio County school district has inexplicably changed its dress code to ban cheerleader outfits in class.
“This came out of left field last week when they told the girls and us parents about the change. Our jaws just hit the ground,” said Tammy Ihle(CQ), whose daughter is a freshmen football cheerleader at Monroe High School.“We’ve spent more than $400 on the uniform and she worked hard and earned the right to wear her uniform at school,” Ihle said. “The cheerleading uniform skirts have always been short…If the uniforms are OK for crowds at a pep rally or football game why (aren’t they) all right for classes?”
The cheerleaders have a long-standing tradition of wearing their uniforms to class for Friday football games and other events. Their current uniforms can still be worn provided the girls wear leggings or long shorts under their skirts, which must be no higher than 3" above the knee according the new dress code.

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