Step One: Learn to Love Your Own Body

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Dr. Leslie Seppinni offers some advice for those afraid of stripping down in front of others.
If you’re scared of undressing in front of others, try this mirror exercise to gradually fall in love with your own body: Over the course of a month, take ten minutes a day to REALLY look at yourself in the mirror. For the first week, study just your face and find three things you love about it. In the second week, study from the breasts up and find another three. Week three focus on your lower torso and in week four progress to your entire physique, finding three different parts you love, or even just like, each week. Journal your progress and then accentuate those traits!! Love your eyes? Play them up with eyeliner! Love your hips? Try a fitted waist to show them off! Feeling sexy in your clothes throughout the day will lead to more confidence when you’re in the buff.
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