What's the Matter With Australia? Part Two

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Nude artwork has been banned from a local art exhibition in Australia.
"I unwrapped my work and they looked at it and told me it was inappropriate and they would not hang it in the exhibition,’’ Ms Tuckey, a TAFE art teacher, said.

"They said that school children would be seeing the exhibition. I couldn’t believe anything as simple as a nude drawing of a female adult that is not full frontal ... would not be accepted. It was a rude shock.

"I think some of them are ignorant of what art is, this is art and this is an art exhibition. I’d say (to the council) grow up.’’
As I've said before, shielding children from all nudity is harmful to body image and self esteem. How are children supposed to learn that their own bodies are beautiful and natural when they are not allowed to see nude artworks, which celebrate the body, but are allowed to see sexualized imagery on television, in movies, and in advertising, which exploit the body for profit?

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