Annie Gives Bad Advice to Newbie Nudist

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY A 50 year-old woman finds herself in a situation where her husband and another couple want to go to a nude resort for a winter trip. While the woman has some experience with skinny-dipping and sleeping in the nude, she is worried about social nudity. She writes to Dear Annie:
Our friends went to a nearby lake where nude bathing is allowed and enjoyed it a lot; hence their desire to go to a nude resort. They assure us the resort is clothing optional, so we don't have to undress if we feel uncomfortable. They assume we will feel totally comfortable au naturel once we are surrounded by other naked people.
Annie responds: should not feel forced to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Your friends' suggestion to check out the nearby lake is a good one. It will allow you to see what you are getting into, without making a vacation commitment unless you want to.

Going to a lake is not the best way to have a first-time nudist experience. I don't know what lake they are talking about (Hippie Hollow?), but if it is isolated, there could be gawkers, thieves, and no guarantee for safety. A much better suggestion would be to make a day trip to a landed club. AANR lists several in Texas, where the woman is from. A club visit would be private and secure, and the management would be understanding and helpful for first-time visitors.

Dear Annie seems to get a lot of questions about nudity. Perhaps she should actually do some research before dispensing advice.

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