Cedar Trails in Ohio

This is the third in a series of observational reports on nudist venues. The first report was on Paradise Gardens in Ohio, and the second on Green Valley in Ohio.

Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat is located on 60 beautiful acres in Peebles, Ohio. The club is not clothing-optional, so nudity is expected, but consideration is given for first-timers who need to get adjusted. Cedar Trails is also family-friendly, with affiliations including AANR and INF.

First of all, owners Jo Anne and Dave enticed us to come visit based upon their prompt and friendly emails. I don't know why, but both landed and non-landed nudist clubs seem to be very deficient in communications, so CT's quick responses were very welcome.

Cedar Trails is protected by a privacy fence and an electronic gate, so be sure to call first before paying a visit. When we parked the car, Jo Anne came over to greet us, checked us in, handed us some basic literature and map of the grounds, and then gave us a quick finger-pointing tour (over there is the bathhouse, over there is the pool, over there is the hiking trail, etc.). This was a refreshing contrast with Green Valley, where we were carted around for a half hour before being allowed to roam at will.

We returned to the car to disrobe, put on our sneakers, and set out to explore the grounds. The night before was their annual Labor Day Hog Roast, so most folks were just waking up, or puttering around their campsites. Just about everyone waved or said hello as we passed by.

The grounds are very pretty at Cedar Trails, and the photos on their web site do not do it justice. Naturally, cedars are everywhere. We passed the office, the open cafe, the pool, the volleyball court, the hot tub area (with outdoor showers and bathroom), the bathhouse (with indoor showers), the fishing pond, the "saloon" which has a pool table, the badminton court, the children's playground, and the campsites. Everything was clean and well maintained.

We thought that we would begin the day with a hike, so we headed to the trails. Jo Anne assured us that the trails were wide and clear, and well marked, and she was 100% correct. These are by far the best trails I have seen at a nudist resort, about 5 miles total. Apparently a newer member took up the task of improving old trails, and creating new ones, and he's done a great job.

The trails wind upward through dense woodland up to a wide meadow which is used for the club's horses, surrounded by an electric fence. The area around the fence was all cleared for easy hiking around. In addition, there is a trail which runs through the woods around the meadow, and provides a lovely vista over what is known as the meteor crater. The valley below also is home to the historic Serpent Mound.

To be able to hike nude through the woods and meadows for an hour is perfection for naturists. I can't say enough about the quality of the trails and the beauty of the landscape at Cedar Trails.

After about an hour of hiking we arrived back at the main area, having worked up quite an appetite. We brought our own lunch, but the CT Cafe does provide food and beverage service. Best to call ahead to find out what's available on any given day.

Two things stood out immediately at Cedar Trails. One, the club is very laid back, and while they have a list of rules, they don't shove them down your throat. Two, the people are very friendly, and a couple even came up to us while we were eating to introduce themselves and wish us a nice visit. We were made to feel welcome instead of being scrutinized.

We basically spent the rest of the day within the fenced-in pool area. It was a gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky, so we wanted to take full advantage of the sun. The heated pool is 20' x 40', and 5' at the deepest point, so it's designed more for socializing than for swimming. Lots of good conversation and fun.

Perhaps it was because of the previous night's hog roast, but there was not a lot of physical activity on this particular Sunday afternoon. Aside from continuous use of the cornhole setup, people seemed to be perfectly content to work on their tans and relax.

Later in the afternoon the music was turned on at the pool, and eventually the super-soakers came out for a friendly water fight.

Since we had a 2 hour ride back to Columbus, we packed up at about 5 PM to head home, saying goodbye to some of the new friends we made.

I highly recommend Cedar Trails if you are looking for a clean and friendly nudist resort. We can't wait to go back.

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