Clothing as a Sexual Fetish

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY An article on sexual fetishes explores the role of clothing as an expression of sexuality.
Everything we do as humans, represents something hidden within. Our bodies are essentially ‘billboards for our minds’ and we outwardly express our ideas, thoughts and feeling in how we dress and appear to others. From ancient religious pageants through glossy period drama and all the way to the latest catwalk fashion show, we see costume based on sexual theatrics acted out with both naivety and carnality in equal measures.

Moral codes and sexual etiquette in a society are clearly represented in fashion where people adorn layer upon layer of symbolic meaning and cloth is cut to attract or divert attention to erogenous zones. One only has to think of the Victorians to see where such prudish people opted for the most restrictive, figure enhancing attire possible. It would be fair to say that much of the dress up aspect of fetish culture is an adventurous advancement on the British favourite - the ‘Vicars and Tarts’ party. Similarly, when Hallowe’en comes around, adults seize the opportunity to dress up – with particular emphasis on sexually provocative characters and alter-egos.
Nudism is the anti-fetish. Without clothing, the body is actually de-sexualized, there is no more mystery, no more tease. Some might decry this loss of mystique, but the gains are far greater. Social nudity dissolves the false social barriers and restores balance to the mind. Our perceptions of what we look like as people have been formed by idealized imagery in movies, on television, and in magazines, and nudism provides a means to discover what real people actually look like.

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