FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY An Australian community is up in arms over an art project in which nude people pose draped only in a flag.
George Sossi, director of city marketing and business development said Ballarat in the Raw was designed to give the gallery's forthcoming exhibition The Naked and the Nude, a local flavour.

"We are looking to celebrate the community of Ballarat as we are, it's a little bit cheeky, and it's a bit of fun,'' Mr Sossi said.

"The Eureka Flag itself is synonymous with the City of Ballarat, and it doesn't belong to one particular group. It's a flag of the people, it's everybody's and it's a flag of protest, so it fits very nicely with what we're seeking to do.''

Mr Sossi said already more than 30 people had volunteered to be photographed, including a 77-year-old woman.

"We've had lots of different people, from across the community, and from all walks of life, wanting to be part of it.''
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