Eating in the Raw

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Naturism is taken to the extreme in Andalusia, where nudism and the consumption of nothing but raw food meet to create a modern paradise.
Far from cities, pollution, smog, noise of the modern world and destructive people, La Cascada is in the midst of pure nature surrounded by fruit trees giving our daily healthful food, self-sufficient, in independence, in peace and love developing into a true human being, that's our dream and the dream we'd like to share with you! Individualism and egoism are a sign of sickness, in the universe one is like the other, we can't be separated.

We need the nature, healthful organic food, powerful work in our garden, people with the same ideas, sun, warmth and a direct relation to the elements of nature. You are welcome to come to Andalusia and live in pure nature all the year round!
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