Kinsey Hosts Nude Photo Exhibition

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY The Kinsey Institute Gallery is hosting a show of 60 photographs by artist Herbert Ascherman, Jr.
Ascherman, who lives in Cleveland, has been doing nude photography for nearly 40 years and has done portraits and other projects for 33 years. This is his second time showcasing these particular pieces. His first time presenting these pieces was in Cleveland for his community, the artist said.

After 40 years of doing the nude photographs, he had a large archive of prints sitting in his basement. He wanted the prints to live long after he did, and to be preserved for students and scholars to study in years to come. The Kinsey Institute was the most prominent place to donate the approximate 500 photos, he said.

Ascherman urges people to understand the difference between nudity and pornography. It is the intentions on how the human body is being portrayed, he said.

"My imagery is to show how beautiful the human body is.”
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