A Nation of Slobs

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY University of Notre Dame associate professor Linda Przybyszewski wants people to dress better.
Przybyszewski doesn't think dressing up means dressing slutty, which she says too many women do today. She attributes that trend to the "red carpet'' effect, where movie stars before the Oscars try to attract photographers' attention by wearing strapless, revealing gowns that are inappropriate for most occasions ("I was rather appalled to see an off-the-shoulder communion dress in a suburban Chicago church this summer'').

As for guys, "most of my students are wearing T-shirts and shorts or T-shirts and jeans," she says. "In colleges in the 1950s, young men wore ties and sport coats.''

And should they really wear flip-flops? "Men's bare toes, I don't find very attractive. I don't know why I should have to look at them,'' she says.
Somebody please tell Linda that if the younger generation is rejecting the false facade of chic clothing, that reflects well upon their ant-materialistic attitudes. And get her to a nudist resort. She'll have to deal with more than just naked toes.

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