Nude Photos No Problem for Canadian Politician

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Sharon Smith, the mayor of Houston, B. C., says that nude photos taken of her 5 years ago are no problem to her Conservative party.
"They've known since I put my name forward for the riding and the federal candidacy," she said.

Smith calls the photos "a personal thing" that should have no impact in her future political career.

"My community has spoken to me," she said. "They reelected me for a second term as mayor and people say they want me to represent them, so that's what I'm going on."

Appearing at a luncheon with Smith in Smithers, Conservative Gary Lunn says the
photos don't matter to the party.

"This election is about leadership. Sharon has shown leadership in the riding and on council so we're very proud to have her as our candidate here," he said.
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